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    Site Rules

    Post  Ghost on Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:41 am

    • Age: To ensure for a mature audience you must be at lest age 16 or order to register. We reserve the right to ban anyone under the age limit. If you choose to disregard the rules and register anyways it is not our responsibility if you are offended by what you read or see.

    • Profane language and offensive images: Inappropriate words, sexual references, or other vulgar statements are not allowed, and neither are graphic or obscene images. Deliberate posting of obscene images will result in a permanent ban.

    • Insults, threats, and abusive comments: Criticizing someone else's work is acceptable, but rude name-calling and threats are not. You may only mean to be sarcastic or joking, but if this isn't going to be clear to people, please think before posting. Any comments of an abusive nature (racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs) are not allowed. Trolling and starting off-topic arguments based around insults is not permissible.

    • Asking to become a moderator or any staff member lowers your chances of becoming one.

    • Backseat-moderating is not tolerated on this site. Either contact an Admin or a moderator about your problem. Do not correct other people's grammar or spelling.


    • Images:To be fair with members with a slower internet please re-size your photos to 500-500 pixels. Any upcoming Lego sets with "confidential" writing across is a leaked photo please don't post it here.

    • Spam: Don't post images that aren't related in any way to the topic, or text for that matter. Threads/posts consisting mostly of LOL or other internet memes are likely to be locked.

    • Spelling and Grammar: Make an effort to write properly and check spelling. We won't ask you to go out of your way to find a dictionary or anything but please try your best. We will not fault you for small errors but no "texting talk" and no posts full of errors.
      Example of what is allowed:
      "Hello, Im hapy to be on this forum. Dutch, Your forum is the best!"

    Not allowed:
    "OMG! did u c teh new avatar movie?! g2g now."
    NoobSpeak will be deleted!

      Violations and Bans

    • First violation of the rules Will result in a staff member contacting you via P.M

    • Second violation of the rules Will result in a two day ban and a staff member contacting you via P.M

    • Third violation of the rules Will result in a week long ban.

    • Forth violation of the rules Will result in a permanent ban.

      Any attempt to circumvent a temporary ban will lead to that ban being made permanent I.E Re-registering for a new account,Changing IP addresses to evade an IP ban,registering under a new email account to evade an email ban.

      Users who feel there banner

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